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I’m an ESL Teacher in China since 2001. ESL means English as a Second Language. So this website can be for teachers teaching English or even parents and also young English learners.

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Mike’s Home is helping teachers and kids from all over the world;



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Mike’s Home ESL YouTube Channel created to help ESL teachers, folks and kids with “The Magic Phonics Book”.



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More and more teachers are subscribing as well as folks and even kids saying : “I wish I was in the classroom!” Simply; it works!



videos on youtube

To help you with your class or find the best ESL songs on YouTube and see how my students react to them!


Our Programs

In a near future Mike’s Home will provide Online training for new ESL teachers. You can sign up and leave your e-mail to receive news and updates.

For kids learning English, Mike’s Home ESL created “The Magic Phonics Book”. Learn the phonics with fun and follow the adventures of Mike locked up in a Magic book! Click on Learn more for more details!


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You can make a donation that will help me in my work to get materials and other software…Keep in mind that I share with you 18 years of teaching experience so a little tip is always welcome ;) .

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JOIN and be a special member on my YouTube Channel and get access to exclusive perks!


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